Why Does GetWell Hemp Make Hemp Extract Gummies?

Most of the companies that you see selling hemp extracts sell them in capsules or in the form of oil. While HempDirect does actually offer an oil form of our extract, our main products are a lineup of hemp extract gummies.

There are a couple reasons that we choose to use hemp gummies instead of capsules.

  • One of the main reasons that we do this is because gummies more accessible than capsules or oils. People like to have medicine that they can easily access without coming under the scrutiny of other people. You can easily take a hemp gummy out of your bag while on a bus or another form of public transit and eat it without anybody looking at you twice. This is much less doable when you’re using an oil dropper or pulling a capsule out of a bag or bottle.
  • Another reason we use gummies is because it’s very easy for you to adjust the dose that you’re taking. If you are using capsules and you want to take half a dose, you’re going to have to pry that capsule apart and try to weigh out however much you want to use. Not so with our gummies. All you have to do is bite off half of the gummy and you’ve got half a dose!
  • We make sure that our extracts are diluted evenly, so that you’re able to do this without risking anything. If a company does not dilute their recipe so well, there is a chance that you could eat half of a gummy and get your entire dose, leaving you with an inactive piece of gummy left over. We make sure that all of our products contain the same ratio of ingredients so that you get the most convenience.

HempDirect gummies are also a popular choice due to their flavor. Some people enjoy the taste of hemp extracts by themselves, but many do not. If you aren’t a fan of the flavor, buying your hemp extracts in gummy form can make medicating much more pleasant.

When using HempDirect gummies, it’s important that you stash them in an area that children cannot access them. While the extract we use is not inherently dangerous for children, if they consume a dose unprepared they may be more susceptible to side effects like dizziness and lethargy.

Hemp gummies are just as potent and effective as other forms of the medicine. The gummies just make the medicine easier to take and easier to manage.


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