Great product - helps me fall asleep - less joint pain - these taste better - I like slightly sour taste - my son (24) also like them - he was in car accident 8 months ago - helps foot and ankle pain.
D Floyd
I have a demanding job and am also the mother of four active boys. Trying to handle their needs without feeling stressed is really a big deal. One day at work a co-worker suggested the potential benefits of hemp oil and recommended gummies. Wow! These gummies have really helped to relieve my stress. Almost instantly I felt a weight lift and I even feel more relaxed and rested. Since taking these daily, I feel I have more focus, and I have been sleeping soundly. And, this hemp product is natural, which is important to me.
To me works better than broad spectrum hemp oil. And obviously tastes a million times better. Wish it came in a higher "gummy" count and order more than one bottle at a time. Also each gummy is 10mg. Don't be fooled by the 300mg. Def worth a try. I've been on benzos daily for 7 years and am completely off them now with the help of hemp extract. I usually take 3 a day so it can be expensive but worth it. Benzos are really terrible and addictive. This works and it's completely safe. Non-addictive. Just know it doesn't work fast like xanax or klonopin does. But you will feel the calm within 30-45 minutes. Be proactive. Hope this helps!
I got these for my adult grandson who has a severe freeze stutter , which gets so bad he can't say his name. A friend suggested he try these. I cannot believe the difference and either can he!! He stutters much less and much less often. His self confidence has increased as well! Thank you for making it possible for us to purchase these. It has nade a huge difference in his life.
Pam McDaniel
GetWell Hemp Gummies...for pain of RA & also anxiety & sleep.Original gummiet we tried...under the name Wellness Gummies.Have been using Serenity..& do not like them @ all...They help minimally ,while these are excellent for RA pain & cramping.Also help w/tension,.anxiety,etc.Wish adult doses would be made available...as these are in child doses...10 mg's.Am a retired RN...so know of dosages ,etc..I take 5 to 10...& if needed, take more up in the day.Cleared by our Dr....Thank you for finally making the ones we tried to begin with...No high*(don't want to be)_...just relaxed ,finally, due to no pain!Please,eithger credit account or send?Ordered Sept.4,2017...Thanks
These work!! I love them to cope with stress and anxiety .Strong and official hemp extract. Every hemp gummy has a bad taste, any brand you buy, these are not horrible & the effects are completely worth it.
I love the flavor. It's really not that sour. Within an hour I'm relaxed and my spinal pain starts drifting away. I prefer the gummies because I have a hard time swallowing hard pills. My bottle came a week earlier than expected. I'm very satisfied. I'll be a repeat customer.
I sleep better when I take this and I have a little less joint pain. I am happy with the product.
These gummies have helped me with anxiety. I was having insomnia so bad, and since taking these at bedtime, my sleep,has drastically improved. I recommend this product. I love the taste. They don't taste bitter to me, as I have read in other reviews.
Sabrina L. Adkins
These really help with sleep! They taste great.
D. Giammarino
I admit,, i was skeptical at first....but, I am very impressed with the strength of one small gummy....I use it for hip pain and depression...it's working
Ron Davis
I definitely noticed a difference. After 2 I want to go to sleep. I think it helps calm my fibromyalgia. The nerves calm abit.
Amelia leonard

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