Can GetWell Hemp Cure My Pain?

Many people take hemp extracts for pain, since they are considered one of the best natural painkillers. At first glance, you might not expect to think that a medicine coming from a plant could be so powerful – but you have to remember the that pharmaceutical opioids, the most powerful painkillers around – including morphine, oxycodone and fentanyl – are also derived from plants the grown the wild. These intense analgesics are derived from the poppy.

HempDirect, unlike opiates, does not put you at risk of developing a powerful addiction. Compared to opioids – the most commonly prescribed medication – HempDirect seems fairly tame, but this doesn’t change the fact that hemp extracts make great painkillers.

  • Opiate drugs are known for causing some of them most intense withdrawal symptoms of all drugs in the world.
  • Opiates are very incapacitating, and it can be hard to return to work if you’re prescribed an opiate medication.
  • Opiates produce a euphoric high that many people crave, which is one of the main reasons they’re so addictive
  • Opiates are very easy to overdose on, and they’re the leading cause of drug-related death. In fact, opiates have contributed to prescription drugs now killing more Americans than car accidents every year.1

While it’s generally not recommended that you drive after you’ve taken GetWell Hemp, that’s pretty much the biggest precaution you should take. Taking a hemp extract for pain is very safe, which is comparatively surprising considering the huge amount of relief they can can provide.

  • HempDirect will not get you high or lead to physical dependency
  • HempDirect won’t cause a huge number of side effects
  • HempDirect will not impede your ability to work or raise a family
  • HempDirect can be taken symptomatically, during the onset of pain, and doesn’t need to be taken on a scheduled basis

One of the most interesting things about HempDirect is that it can cure neuropathic pain. Nerve-related pain is extremely difficult to treat. Many people who suffer from chronic pain conditions report that even opiate medications cannot ease their pain.

Multiple sclerosis is a good example of neuropathic pain that hemp extracts can treat. Patients with multiple sclerosis – a condition that affects the spine and nervous system, leading to intense pain –  have reported that, in situations where they didn’t respond well to hard opiates, hemp extracts have been able to help reduce their pain.2

There are some painful conditions that might be caused by a deficiency in your endocannabinoid system. Naturally, restoring a balance to your cannabinoid system – by taking external cannabinoids, like those in HempDirect – can help you eliminate some of these conditions. 3

The fact that hemp extracts, which are widely available without the need for a prescription, can cure such difficult conditions as M.S. is nothing short of groundbreaking. We’re happy to offer you a solution for your painful conditions, and we hope that HempDirect can help you as much as it has helped so many other of our customers.


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