Can GetWell Hemp Cure My Anxiety?

One of the most popular reasons that people use HempDirect is because hemp extracts can cure anxiety in a unique – and often more effective – manner than other anxiolytics. Hemp extracts do this without causing addiction, without causing a bunch of side effects, and without intoxicating you.

Conversely, most of the popular medications prescribed for recurring anxiety are extremely addictive and can cause fatal withdrawals. Benzodiazepine drugs, like Xanax, can cause severely debilitating addiction and are dangerous to stop taking. The withdrawal from a benzodiazepine addiction will greatly reduce your seizure threshold to the point that it can induce seizures even in people who have never had them before.

HempDirect remains a very popular alternative to traditional pharmaceutical anxiety medication for a few reasons.

  • HempDirect is not addictive, because none of the ingredients are psychoactive. Unlike marijuana extracts, which contain intoxicating compounds, HempDirect just relies on cannabinoids that can balance your mental state without getting you high.
  • HempDirect doesn’t have very many side effects. THC extracts often cause a sale of side effects like lethargy, the munchies, delusional thinking and anxiety; hemp extracts cure anxiety by acting in the opposite manner.
  • HempDirect can cure even the most severe forms of anxiety. Social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, and even anxiety that comes from conditions like PTSD can be cured with hemp extracts. Many people have reported hemp extracts to be effective at preventing anxiety that even stronger medications like benzodiazepines couldn’t help.

HempDirect works by stimulating the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is heavily involved in keeping your mind in a healthy state, and many anxiety-related conditions can arise if the cannabinoid system is not in balance. The active components of the hemp extracts and other plants in the cannabis family can interact with receptors in our endocannabinoid system.1

Marijuana, the most popular member of the cannabis family, is mostly consumed because of its THC content. THC is one of the most potent cannabinoids, and was initially revered for its medical effects before researches discovered that other cannabinoids were largely responsible for the beneficial effects of marijuana extracts. This is why some people can develop anxiety from smoking weed while others find their anxiety to be reduced.2

HempDirect doesn’t contain any of the cannabinoids that are known to induce anxiety. Instead, we only include anxiety-reducing and health-boosting compounds in our extracts. In fact, some of the extra vitamins and minerals that we include in HempDirect – such as the omega-3,6,9 essential fatty acids and magnesium – are known to reduce anxiety on their own.

In conjunction with the cannabinoids in HempDirect, these nutrients create a very powerful extract for managing anxiety. We’re sure that you’ll find some relief from your anxiety if you start taking HempDirect.



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